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We're on a quest to make the world's coziest clothes. But how did such an epic saga begin?

Justin and Christian

Comfy & Caring Beginnings

Pacas got started when two brothers, Justin and Christian, decided to help make the world a more comfortable place for those who need it most --kids. After visiting a children's hospital and hearing from kids that the hospital socks left their feet cold and itchy, the brothers knew there had to be something they could do to make these kids' stays a bit cozier.

Justin and Christian

We are the Champions of Alpaca.

Fiber that's Packa'd with Benefits

After researching fabrics and fibers throughout the industry, the brothers discovered alpaca fiber and immediately fell for its buttery softness and wealth of fantastic properties. In addition, the brothers also fell in love with the source of this mystical fiber: the illustrious alpacas themselves! As their journey continued, they learned more about alpacas, the land that's supported them, and the community of farmers that have helped these animals prosper for generations.

Image of Alpaca
3 Pack of Pacas

Making the World a Cozier Place

Not long after, Pacas was born. We strive to make the world's coziest clothes from the earth's most versatile fiber, all while giving back to the animals and communities that make our existence possible. We help the alpaca farming community to ensure our woolly superstars can keep grazing into the future, and we also partner with local children's hospitals to provide kids with Pacas during their stays.

3 Pack of Pacas