The Competitive Advantage of Using Steroids in Sports

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The news media have placed steroid under a dim light-they have constantly portrayed steroids as drugs with dangerous health effects. For sometime now, steroids have been directly synonymous to muscle growth. People often hear all about the negatives about these drugs-both in broadcast and print media. But how about the health positives of these drugs, will they forever be ignored?

The Exaggeration of News Media to Steroids

According to Charles Yesalis, the author and co-author of numerous authoritative steroid books, including The Steroid Game, "The health risks (of steroid) have been greatly overstated. Hypertension, for example, is widely claimed to be a side effect of taking androgens. This is one of the most exaggerated claims. And as for users becoming sterile, there has never been a single reliably documented case of irreversible infertility as a result of androgen administration."

Yesalis also reminded people that the medical science knows the best steroid for fat loss for almost 70 years now. "Anabolic steroids can be used relatively safely, but at even low doses they can have side effects. No drug, supplement, or substance is totally "safe". Heck, you can even overdose on water," he explained.

Steroids Certainly Carry Health Benefits

Are you an athlete who is fond of joining sport tournaments or competitions? Then you need strong muscles and a good physique to prepare yourself to the challenges that you have to face. In the medical world today, you could find the drug named steroids, especially the anabolic androgenic and corticosteroids. The three classifications of steroids have different significant effects to anyone who are taking them. The anabolic steroid is mainly concerned in bulking up and improving athletic performance. On the other hand, corticosteroid focuses its effect in controlling inflammation and building muscle mass. For athletes, the use of anabolic steroids is mostly recommended. Its effect is proven helpful ensuring competitive advantage in sports and games that involves the use of physical strength.

Steroid as a Treatment Drug

Steroids are medicines intended to cure illnesses and diseases. There are several proofs that can testify this claim. One of which is the new result achieved by the researchers in University of Adelaide concerning to their study on the effects of steroids to premature babies, which was based on Adelaide"s Women"s and Children Hospital. The study revealed that steroids show a good result on the babies whose mothers were given corticosteroids. "The babies were found out to have no more health problems compared to the babies whose mothers were not given repeated doses," stated by Caroline Crowther, study leader professor from University of Adelaide"s Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The anabolic-androgenic steroid or AAS is a kind of steroid hormone that is related to testosterone. This kind of steroid has the capacity to increase synthesis within cells to create cellular tissue and muscle build up. From the name itself, anabolic-androgenic steroid also has androgenic or virilizing properties that could develop and maintain masculine characteristics. For athletes who are taking anabolic-androgenic steroid, muscle mass production could be easily achieved. Its significant effect could be seen on actual physical growth and on their actual performance in sports. AAS could bring out the best in them, all their hidden potentials, undeveloped skills and unrealized strengths to totally excel and get them on top of the competition.

The steroids that are being offered today are available for oral intake and injections. Usually, oral intake is prescribed for athletes who take steroids as performance enhancing drugs. It allows equal distribution around the body-thereby creating total or full increase of cell production and muscles. Steroids injection, on the other hand, is used on medical treatments such as arthritis because a particular amount is necessary on the affected part. To understand more the effects and proper use of this drug, it is advisable to ask for prescription or doctor"s advice so that you would be able to know the necessary amount or dose that you need.

Other Conditions Treated By Steroids

As an athlete, you should have the motto to do all that it takes to win. And now that anabolic-androgenic steroids are here, there"s no reason to fail. You can get and take this drug to bring out the best in you and mark your name in the world of sports competition. Nowadays, some are opposing on the use of steroids because according to some, it could bring problems and side effects. But ponder your thoughts on this, "if steroid is not beneficial and effective, why do some well-known athletes continue using them?" Disregard the fear in your mind, try steroids and see for yourself its effect and get fulfilled. It will not cause you any danger because all that it can offer is significant increase in your muscles and strength. Steroid use is becoming a need in the world of sport competition today, and it is not just an option or choice. If you want to win, you have to resort to its use.

According to, steroids are intended to treat several conditions whenever the defense system of the body malfunctions and threatens to end up to tissue damage. Steroids are especially used as the major treatment for inflammatory conditions like vasculitis and myositis. These drugs can also be used to treat rheumatoid, lupus, and arthritis. In the final analysis, the news media has almost corrupted the positive side of steroids-the main reason why these were created-to treat illnesses and conditions. Undeniably, steroids are abused by some people who do not really need them, but that does not precisely mean that these drugs have completely lost their importance in the field of medicine.

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